Thursday, February 6, 2020

Review: Colourpop

I am a makeup junkie. Specifically, eyeshadow. I love eyeshadow. I'm not big on lips or cheeks or nails, but I love a dramatic or colorful eye with a crisp, dark liquid liner and full, black lashes.

I am also on a budget, and I hate paying premium prices. (though I will save and splurge for a palette I really want - I'm looking at you, every Huda palette ever) 

And once you fall in love with a quality eyeshadow, it's really hard to go back to drugstore shadows.

So, this is where ColourPop Cosmetics comes in. ColourPop calls itself "Beauty That Doesn't Break the Bank" Their prices are a fraction of the big-name "quality" brands, and their product colors are absolutely gorgeous - I was mentally salivating at their shadow palettes in particular - and new customers can sign up for emails and receive $5 off of their first purchase. 

Beyond the nice price tag, ColorPop accepts AfterPay as a form of payment, allowing you to pay in small, interest and fee-free installments (as long as you pay on time!).

Finally, they also provide a 10% student discount via Unidays, which was unexpected, and I love companies that provide these little discounts - every bit helps the budget!

My first go-round,  I purchased several eyeshadow palettes, potted "jelly" shadows, banana setting powder, shadow brushes, and plumping gloss. Since then, I have ordered pretty much all of their monochromatic palettes and have been pleased with every single one of them.

Their makeup is extremely nicely priced, and I found the products I purchased to work amazingly. They're somewhere between drugstore and high-end for me. All of the eyeshadows have nice, vivid pigment that swatch nicely, and blend even better on the lid. I've created several really gorgeous eye looks with these palettes, found them very easy to work with and received many compliments.

The jelly pots are absolutely gorgeous, the brushes are perfect for applying and blending and the setting powder, while not comparable to my holy grail Tarte Amazonian clay powder, is pretty damned amazing for $9. The glosses are really nice and somehow manage to have ridiculous staying power - one made it through a whole meal at a Brazilian steakhouse last night!

Some of the pressed shadows are a bit drier and powdery than the others and tend to be a bit harder to blend and need a bit more buildup. It's not bad though, and better (for me) than any drugstore eyeshadow I've ever used. This is minor.

There is quite a bit of fallout, which isn't as big of a deal at this price point and considering how nicely they apply and blend AND STAY on the eyelid.

Return Policy - there isn't really one. They state that all sales are final due to the low-cost nature of their products. I did run into an issue on my first order where I was putting things in and out of the cart as I shopped and missed removing about $30 worth of product. Completely my fault, and I contacted them immediately and was told that it was too late, the order was already processing and all sales were final. I consider three seconds after placing the order a bit much to refuse, from a customer service standpoint,  but since it was my error and I love the product, I am just super careful when window shopping.

ColourPop Cosmetics:

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